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I got some great news today and since sharing is caring, let’s share! Share with me your good news of the day/week/month and let’s be excited for each other! I’ll go first.


MY CAST IS OFF!! It’s still pretty sore and stiff but I can move my thumb again, shake hands and hold pens. Which is really all I want from life! (not really but it was pretty high up there this last week). The doc felt comfortable letting me go home. If I do experience a lot of pain/not enough improvement in the upcoming weeks I should come back. I’m pretty sure the docs thought I was insane because I was so excited, but I don’t care. I’M FREEEEEEE!

I celebrated by helping my friend move (only carrying bags and/or light, small boxes and help her unpack), doing lots of laundry (clean clothes mmm), cooking delicious dinner (http://www.mynewroots.org/site/2014/11/s…) and changing my sheets (so niiiiiice). I kind of want to get in on the 30 day yoga challenge but since I don’t have the space/suck at things, I feel like maybe I probably shouldn’t.

What is your good news?? Share with me and let me be happy and excited for you! I’ve got energy in abundance!

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