...and they feel like heaven for the feets! They're Sketchers On the go—beam.

They're so lightweight, and comfy. I'm very excited to go for a walk in them.

Where I live, it only rains about a dozen times a year. I love when it rains, I enjoy rain so very much. Here's the rub, a couple weeks back, this happened. I'm still heavily restricted from most activities, except for going on walks. The list of things I'm not supposed to be doing is as long as a series of books on tax code. Walks are on the do list, the doc even approved my pushing the newbie in his stroller for these walks. I just can't pick him up and put him into it. Thankfully, he can climb in on his own, and does so willingly.

Because I do not want to undo my surgeon's surgeoning, I've been taking walks every day since the mincing of my bits. Until two days ago. When it started to rain. And rain. And rain.

Yesterday, we were going to walk in the drizzle, a short stroll in drizzle wouldn't be so bad, right? I had to wait for glamgeek to be picked up for her weekend at her dad's. She was picked up 40 minutes late (not that that is an unusual occurrence). So after she left we got ready for a walk, change dipe, put long pants on, make beverages for newbie & me, put on jackets, shoes, find phone, find house key, get newbie into stroller, take a quick wee, wash my hands. Ready? Set? We get out the door and BOOM goes the thunder, and suddenly, it's pouring. AYFKM?


So we sat under the carport and watched the rain for a bit. Then the newbie got frustrated because we were supposed to be going, moving, having a chat, and a stroll. And we couldn't. We were both disappoint.

So, I asked umdude if he would take us to the mall today so I could walk, and newbie could get out of the house. And he said yes, because he is a lovely person. He also treated me to some retail therapy, because things have been sucky, and wonky, and weird. Not the good weird either.

Recovery has been rough. I haven't had as much help or rest as I'm supposed to be getting. I don't know what stay at home mom, with a toddler, who can't afford a nanny, butler, and housekeeper would though. The eldest has been amazing, umdude too—in a dude way, although I've got to give him big ups for sleeping on the floor or sofa with me & newbie every night. And making me yummy foods. And taking me to the mall. One of my girlfriends has also been hugely helpful, with cleaning my house, taking glamgeek for the whole weekend, hanging out with me so I don't get too lonely. It all balances out. We'll see on Monday if my doc has a =) or a >=( about my recovery process (or perhaps the lack thereof).


Really, I'm still sore. Only a couple spots are really hurty. I'm exhausted. But, despite that, I already sense a change for the better. It's about flipping time.

I'm sure grateful for gt, you guise are the bestest. You're the bestest aeronauts ever!