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I'm old and I rarely go out on dates. 1) Because I'm a size 24 and not standard beautiful and most men don't want to date someone who looks like me. 2) Overwhelmingly when I do go out on dates, I often find myself wishing I was home in pjs with Buffy

But I went on a date today and it lasted five hours. It was not rom-com magical, as neither Paul Rudd nor Ryan Gosling was involved. But it was nice and he was nice and leaned in for some kissing action.

Also, the bad part about living in the same town you teach is that your students and coworkers are freaking everywhere. One coworker was in the restaurant where we went for brunch. One of my former students was on a walk with her friends when we went into the museum and waved. So if they catch me with some guy sucking my face off it's not my fault.


Seriously, it's been five years since I was anything'd. So it felt nice. 10/10 would schmoochie again. I don't know if it'll happen b/c I have zero game or mind reading ability with men. But whatever. I left the house on a weekend. It's 70 degrees out in Kansas.

I felt like I needed to share this as I am usually bitchy bitter girl. Will return shortly. But today: schmoooooochies.

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