(Sorry, but every time someone says "I've got something to say", this is all I can think of).

Anyway, I have an idea for a short series of posts that I want to run-by everyone here to see if there would be any interest.

At university, I wrote my thesis on the topic of how social structure (i.e. population size, demographics, interconnections between people) affects the diffusion and integration of new information into a culture, taking as my case study reproductive knowledge in the United States from the Colonial era to the present. It's an absolutely massive paper, but I've been thinking of paring it down into a (much) more digestible form and posting it here for you all to read, because I think you'd all find it quite interesting, and it would provide a good platform for discussion/debate the next time some asshole US politicians try to pass some asshole legislation about contraception/abortion/sex education.

Additionally, I think that everyone in the GT community is incredibly bright, and while I know some of you have academic experience with the kind of theory I work with, the rest of you have such a wonderful and nuanced understanding of issues like this even if you haven't formally studied it, so it would be really nice to get some feedback from which I can build a revision of my paper.


It's quite dense in its current form, in regards to some of the sociological theories discussed, and I don't want it to be inaccessible to anyone, so I'd gladly take feedback on the style as well as content. I'm just curious to see if anyone would be interested in it, or if you'd all be like:


It's more that I spent an awful lot of time and effort becoming a quasi-expert in a very narrow topic, and it drives me crazy that as an office drone I can't share it with anyone!

For your trouble, here's another Chuck Noblet gif: