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I just got the call, and when I hung up promptly burst into tears. And it's all thanks to the amazing, generous, wonderful, GT hero, JENNYAPPLES.

The money that she sent me so that I could get to the interview has saved me from a zero hour contract. For those of you who don't know what zero-hour contracts are, they basically means that you are employed but your employer does not have to give you any hours if they don't want to - you can effectively be fired for no reason. In my case, the job I had would provide me with an average of 36 hours a week during the summer, but would stop giving me hours as we approached winter, so it was like a countdown to unemployment. Oh, also they hadn't paid me in ages, which is how I ended up begging off GT. For British people, you may have heard of where I will soon no longer be working. It is like Disneyland, only it's set in 'the olden days' and is regarded as the museum of the north. I'll leave it at that.

But now, thanks to jennyapple's generosity, you can all call me a professional social media writer. I've actually started my career. I mean, it's not great pay at the moment, but it will rise and it's in something I want to do.


I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY. I'm going to buy a bottle of wine and some ice cream and watch the Devil Wears Prada.

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