Normally I don't share these, but I don't think this person is a troll, just a...uhhh I'm not even sure what the word is. Earnest moron? Am I allowed to say that on tv? Is this thing on?

Firstly, America is not a country. Americas are continents.

They are continents! All of them.

You are also WRONG on the use of "America" internationally. Overseas they will say America and not be referring to the USA. And places like Brazil have also traditionally referred to themselves as Americans. Maybe because these people aren't retarded & know it's not a country but a continent.


Overseas, that great nation! In fact, in most of the world if you say AH-MEH-REE-KA 99% of people will know that that refers to the USA, but I only think that because I love the USA too much?

You sure as hell aren't from BC. Or maybe you've spent too much time watching US TV or cross-border shopping. I AM from BC and can actually name every province and territory. Can you? Bet you've never so much as been anywhere else in Canada except...let me guess....Toronto. My head isn't up any US azz like yours is. You better learn something about Canada before you run around trying to represent us. Canadians NEVER say America. NEVER when naming a place.

In the last week on GT I have been accused of hating America and hating Toronto. Now I don't know the place I'm born and raised AND don't know anything about the outside world. GUYS, WHAT DO I DO???

And I have travelled all over the world. Vancouver city is doing better than others & is far less violent than them too. Your position clearly does not come from experience. You sound like someone who "Read" something somewhere. Canada likes to drama up its problems but the reality is they are nothing compared to your precious USA's or any other country.


My precious USA! OH SAAAAAAAAAY CAN YOU SEEEEEEEEE! LIBERTY EAGLES, etc etc. I have no experience, in that city where, once again, I was born and raised! Also, why the scare quotes and capital for read? Like, allegedly read? But then why the capital? I have no idea.

It's obvious you haven't seen much of the world. Try travelling before pretending to know anything.


Guys, I know nothing about life outside Canada (or is it America the USA? I can't remember which I know more about). I SHOULD MOVE "OVERSEAS"!

Seriously, sometimes Jez commenters are a goldmine.