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I got "War-On-Christmas"ed

I cannot believe how ridiculous some people are. I don’t know if this happens to more people in other parts of the country, but it took me completely aback here in the liberally heathen lands of MA.

So, yesterday I went in for my biannual dental cleaning. All went well, until...I’m getting bundled up again in waiting room and scheduling my cleaning for June. It is taking me a bit because it is cold as fuck and I walked there. In the meantime I am making small talk with my dentist, the front desk lady and some other little biddy who was waiting. As I leave, I toss out a “Happy Holidays, all!” and the lady turns, looks me sternly in the eye and says pointedly, “Merry Christmas.” Then she starts going on about how she makes a point to say “Merry Christmas” back to all of us Happy Holidays-ers. I just said, “of course!” and left. But like, okay fucking lady-I-never-met:

1. I am 99% sure our dentist is Jewish

2. I am not coming back in, or expect to see any of the people I actually know in this office, until JUNE. So I’m covering allllll the fucking holidays between now and then. So there.


3. Please explain how a stranger giving you any form of well-wishes is rude or offensive? Like...

4. I would not have cared if you just said “Merry Christmas” to me, but you didn’t need to explain exactly why.

Just, these people are crazy and I guarantee that lady probably lives in one of the 3 houses with Trump signs in our town.

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