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I gots a pretty dress!

So, some of you may remember me fussing and worrying about how I was going to look in these dresses my friend was making for me. Well, she finished the first one (the Black Canary themed one) and I love it. I even think the pictures aren't half bad (I also feel better that I'm not the only larger girl on her website), though I'm still super judgy/uncomfortable about how my arms look.

But whatever. Body issues can go suck it cause I gots a pretty dress. If you want to see all the other pictures, you can go look at them over here. This is the way I'm going to wear it to work:


I'm looking forward to getting my Wolverine one next week. Although, I'm totally going to wear it at the Image Comics booth and claim that it's an Invincible dress for the company. Thanks same color scheme! Lol.

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