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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Gots Me a Walker!

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You read that right. I, studioL, have gotten myself the hottest accessory goin' right now - a super cool Walker! Totally stylin' right?


I'm stuck in the Air Cast for another 8 weeks and already I have developed a strong hated for my crutches, as they hurt, can be really tiring to use, and are generally just a pain in the ass (and armpits). I tried a cane but that was just no good. Lucky for me, my Dad works in a nursing home, and they had some extras laying around they were planning on throwing it in the trash, so he grabbed one for me.

The thing is like almost brand new and super nice! It folds up, has breaks, a nice padded seat, and even a little basket to carry shit. I bet you guys are so jealous. I'm going to be the envy of all the... old people.

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