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I guess I need to buy new bras AGAIN... (TW: weight and body size)

So I've noticed lately that the fit of my bras has been getting progressively worse. I've still been wearing some old 38C and 36/34D's from before I knew how to figure out my actual size, and I broke one pair. My 32F and 34E's are getting tight, and I don't have many of those to begin with.

I decided to measure myself. My band size stayed the same at 31.5 inches, but my bust size increased from 38 to 39. I guess that puts me at a 32G now? I knew I had gained weight from doctor's scales but my bathroom scale is broken and I don't trust the doctor's scale measurements because of how many layers I've been wearing while on them. I love and hate that it always seems to go to my boobs...

Anyway, Zulily is having a Panache sale and they have sizes that seem approximately right for $12.99 and up. I want to buy multiple ones to save on shipping, but at the same time Zulily doesn't do returns. Should I buy a few of the most likely size, or buy a couple of different variations to try them out and see what works? Like get a 32G and a 34F? I'm unsure of what to do!


Feel free to rant about bra stuff here. I find it all really frustrating!

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