Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My son has been talking about having a Blue's Clues party for the last week. He found a slip in an old video tape advertising Blue's Clues party plates and other supplies. When he originally showed me, I thought he meant for his birthday, but he's been more and more insistent and his birthday isn't for another four months. When I got home from work a little while ago he begged me to go to Party City. I'm down a debit card until next week, so we have to wait until tomorrow to go.

Tomorrow's plan: 1)go to Party City for special plates, balloons, and noisemakers 2)get cake mix, 3)make gf/df chocolate cup cakes, 4) have party.


I'm really not trying to be indulgent, but the kid is just going to obsess if we don't get something out of the way now.

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