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I guess I'm having a stroke of good luck...

...or something. You know when things seem to be going suspiciously well so you sit and wait for something to happen? I'm not a pessimist or anything. I'm actually a pretty positive person but I have to be careful in getting ahead of my positive thinking when things are going my way.

1) Shitty retail job is over. They were kinda mad that I quit, or so I heard. The stress I felt from that job instantly left when I walked out that door. I so happy. :)

2) Things with The Hopeful are going well. I'm waiting to fuck something up still though but I don't worry about it as much as I did the first few weeks so progress, maybe? I'm not sure exactly where we are at but I don't want to ask 'cause of course, I'm afraid he will run or something...


3) I received 2 interview invites so far from the doc programs I applied to. I'm actually really happy and surprised by this. I thought I was kidding myself the whole time I started the process of applying which was technically last October when I started studying for the GRE. I have Imposter Syndrome pretty early I think...

4) New job starts soon. I haven't heard back from the principal yet probably because they are busy getting the kids adjusted to the first week back from the break maybe? I don't mind it so much because I really wanted a baby vacation. ;)

5) Friends and family are good. Although my mom is feeling sick again but hopefully she won't end up in the hospital...again... =/

Hmm yeah. I'm gonna try not to question these things.

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