So for much of my life, I was in pain. Every damn day. It ranged from everyday annoying pain to screaming-on-the-floor-trying-to-drag-myself-with-my-head pain. While the entire mystery was never unraveled, I did have a viciously diseased gallbladder, and removing it helped a LOT.

It turns out, though, that I likely have serious nerve damage from a decade (or more) of my gallbladder being inflamed, and the old familiar daily pain is basically back (the severe pain is still gone, though, so that's good).

Now, thanks to the Lichen Planus, my mouth feels burned all the time.

Also, I am now developing a mysterious severe muscle pain in the balls of my hands, and sometimes doing something like polishing a wineglass hurts enough to take my breath away.

Le sigh. I guess it's good that I got used to pain earlier?

Anyway, GT, I'm still waiting to see if I got in on the Medicaid expansion so I can see a specialist, and I was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what this new muscle pain is. I can handle it, but the strangeness of it is worrisome.