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I Had A Breast Reduction - AMA

Hay doods! I'm super bored, so I'm doing an Ask Me Anything!

A week ago at around this time, I had just been wheeled into the recovery area after having a bilateral reduction mammaplasty. In layman's terms, a breast reduction.


This is a surgery I've been wanting since I was around 14 years old. I don't really remember a time when I had 'small' breasts. I went from flat chested to a 32DD, in the eighth grade. Combine that with braces, glasses, and bad skin/hair, and I had a rough time of it. When I first spoke to my primary care doctor about getting a reduction (again, I was 13/14, and I was already considering it. that's how bad it was.) she said that she typically didn't recommend it in younger teens, unless the breasts were so large they were causing serious medical problems. That's entirely reasonable - if you get the surgery when you're that young, you frequently need it again when you're older and have really finished growing. So, I shelved the idea.

But about a year ago, I started thinking about it again, and began serious research. Fortunately I have a bunch of people I knew who had had the surgery done, ranging from an older family friend (she's in the ~60 age range, so her recovery was much different than mine will be), to my cousin, to a good girlfriend who is close to my own age.

Being between jobs, and lucky enough to be able to afford it even if insurance didn't cover it, I decided to take the plunge, and scheduled the operation.

Now, I'm a week out, and I couldn't be happier. Seriously.

So, ask me any and all of the questions! It was my first ever surgery (wisdom teeth extraction hardly counts), so it was a fascinating experience from start to finish! Seriously, I'm not shy. Short of posting pictures of what they look like now, I'm totally willing to be as graphic as people want.


(I took that photo yesterday, the first time I put on 'real clothing' - I've been living in yoga pants and tank tops. That sweatshirt is a size small and used to be QUITE tight up top!)

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