And I wanted you all to share it with me.

My good friend hung out til like 5 minutes ago, and we discussed everything from relationships to physics to philosophy to time travel. We enjoyed a bottle and a half of wine, Ellios pizza and chips + queso dip. We talked about mental illness and feminism and love and human desire. She's an amazing person.

I'm happy. I'm SO happy. Holy shit I cannot stop smiling. It's absolutely amazing!

I just...I wanted to share it. And I wanted to tell you all I love you, and thank you.

My friend might join GT soon, too. I hope she does!

Goodnight, friends. Thank you again.

ETA: I'm crying and laughing/smiling. Oh my god, I thought I'd never smile again. My science column had a whole page and it ran today! I had such a good day! Ah I know I'm rambling but I'm so happy.