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I had a great date

I don't normally post a ton of personal stuff, but I had a really great date on Saturday, and I feel like gushing. I actually also had a great date on Thursday, but since that guy is moving to San Fransico at the end of July, I imagine it's not going anywhere.

So yes, great date on Saturday (and Sunday, I spent the night !). And right as I was starting to work myself into a tizzy over whether he was really into me (there are no words for how gorgeous this guy is. He looks like the lovechild of Daniel Radcliff and Andrew Garfield. With abs. And that hip V), he texted me an article about a husky that was raised by cats, because we'd been talking about cute variations on huskies earlier.


I don't normally get all flustered, I think this might actually not be a great thing. It was one date, alter_ego. Talk yourself down.

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