I worked for a few hours and then skipped out to go downtown and get my hair cut. I love my stylist, she's a blast. She left it a little long in front and I'm trying to not think of it as that mom cut everyone had a few years ago. I still have to wash the stuff she put in out, because I hate the smell. Maybe I'll go tomorrow to find some good smelling oil to add to the jojoba oil I have.

Then I went to have lunch at one of my favorite gluten free places in Dallas. I had the Johnny Rooster: Olive oil-fried chicken with gluten-free pancakes stuffed with bacon and roasted jalapeño with maple syrup. The waiter didn't give me shit about packing up half the lunch right from the beginning and I got a salad for dinner. I got to read my kindle in the corner and I left a big tip.

I stopped by the gluten free bakery I like and I think I was talking with one of the owners. We were talking about the different baked goods they had. I told her that my Dad said their Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie was better than anything he had ever had at the Collin Street Bakery. She said, "That's a huge compliment!" Yes, it is. I got a chocolate on chocolate cup cake for my daughter, a chocolate on chocolate donut for my son, a mini coffee cake that I was going to split between my dad and husband, and she talked me into a peanut butter blondie. (It didn't take much; they're one of my favorites.)

I picked up some groceries and burgers for the kids. I picked up my mail from my Dad and gave him half the coffee cake. He drank some coffee with it and said it was great.

I didn't see my husband because he left for work before I got home. My daughter says I missed him by 3 minutes. Our son decided he'd rather eat the coffee cake than the donut. I ate the donut because my husband gets to eat donuts all the time.


Plans for tomorrow: wash the dishes that everyone has been avoiding all week, mop the linoleum floors, try to find places for all the random stuff that has ended up on the coffee table, exercise.

And while I'm sure it's been talked about somewhere else, I can not see any replies on The Beast with firefox. (The Beast is my husband's gaming computer. It has so many fans it sounds like its going to take off.) All my replies are being made from my phone which is ANNOYING. KINJAAAAAA!!!!!!