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...I had a great day today?

Today, I did not feel incompetent, I did not feel worthless, and I did not feel the relentless weight of anxiety on my shoulders.

A project manager at work who has borderline bullied me over the past month praised me today in front of the board at our shared client, treated me like a human being and colleague, and then we bonded over a long drive.


My boss hosted a happy hour with unlimited drinks and appetizers, and gave everyone cards with $50 Amex gift cards in them.

A guy I've been talking to on OKC who is a staunch feminist, shares many common interests, and thinks I'm cute, would like to get together for drinks. We've been discussing trans representation in the media, the dynamics of privilege, and Breaking Bad.

I'm sure that my anxiety will spiral again tomorrow when I'm flooded with emails asking for impossible tasks, and that I will probably meet up with this guy and despite our fantastic OKC conversations, the experience will be mediocre. But right now I'm okay, and I like it.

How was your day?

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