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I had a really effing good day, you guys.

Last week I dyed my hair with Feria and it got FUCKED. UP. I normally have dark brown hair and was shooting for medium, and it turned fucking AUBURN, which is bad because I am ruddy as fuck.

I re-dyed it with some John Frieda stuff, and I'm beautiful again! Well, back to dark brunette again.

Then I decided I'm going to get an orange Buddy scooter because despite the warnings, I am Crazy-Ass LuftWaffle, and I want fun, dammit.


I also got my eyebrows threaded for the first time, and I give it the official Stamp of Approval. It's amazing, you guys! It took less time than waxing, was far less painful, and my brows weren't red and throbbing half an hour later.

After that I hit up Sephora to get my Color I.Q. (TM) checked, because at 32, I really should have foundation that compliments my skin color, instead of fighting it and and creating a Cheeto-colored line across my jaw. Adulting! I also got a few samples, and hit up the trial sizes, of which I got some Anastasia brow gel and pencil, and the Dr. Dennis Gross 2-step peel. I'm especially excited for the peel pads. My skin is terrible and deserves to die, and now I get to burn it off with acids, MWAHAHAHA!

How was your day?

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