I had a sassy student.

I generally like sassy students, and this one was no exception, but for the last month or so, this sassy student has become ... difficult. Irresponsible. Mostly just difficult. I’d tried reaching out and gotten a pretty firm, “Mind your own business!” It’s cool; I’ve got a lot on my plate and can’t really afford to absorb the emotions of anyone I’m not obligated to be fuzzy toward.

Sassy student missed their final today, and I was on the verge of nailing them to the cross because I don’t get paid enough for this shit. The sassy student came by school, found my husband’s office, found my officemate in our shared space, and generally did everything they could to track me down.

When we were finally in the same place, they tearfully explained that they’re dealing with issues no person should have to deal with (let alone no 20ish year old person), and that they’ve just been dropping balls left and right.

The kid is taking the final now and I still feel like the biggest dick.