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I had my second psychiatrist appointment yesterday.

At the first one she upped my Effexor dosage and gave me some samples of Saphris and told me to take half of one before bed to help my brain slow down so I might fall asleep faster and sleep better.

I wonder what she had put in her notes about me because as soon as I walked in her office she asks me how I'm doing and when I "better" she says 'You look so much better. More rested, relaxes and just fresher". Damn I must have looked like leftover crap because yesterday I was just wearing mascara and my henna lip stuff.

I love how happy she gets when I tell her good things. I said that I hadn't called in sick to work (because I just can't get up) since the new dosage kicked in. Her face just lit up and she looked almost joyous. And when I told her that I was sitting at my desk on Monday and realized I was just sitting there smiling. I thought I she was going to pass out from joy.


I think I found a good one in her and my therapist who I also love.

And lookit my pretty new earrings

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