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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I had the most blatantly symbolic dream this morning.

If I get up to pee/drink water/change a diaper in the wee hours, there's a good chance of having a vivid dream that I often remember.

Today was one of those days and the dream I had was so ridiculous it was like a grad-schooler writing symbolism. I feel disappointed in my subconscious for being so amateur.


When it started, I was standing on a busy boardwalk type area on the side of a highway. On the other side of the highway, there was a beach with a bunch of people on it. It was an Alaska beach, windy, rocky, choppy water, everyone was wearing sweaters and puffy vests. I could see my mom over there and I wanted to go see her. There was a median on the highway, so I only had to get halfway across on the first run. I checked for traffic and it was far enough away that I made a break for it. When I was in the middle of the first lane of the highway, looking toward the cars, I just couldn't go. Not like I was stuck and panicking, I just stopped and knew I didn't want to get out of the way, so I sat down. The first car stopped just a couple feet away, and the other cars and trucks stopped as well and just waited. There was no honking or yelling, but no one did anything else either. I felt embarrassed because everyone in the cars and on the boardwalk side was just kind of watching uncomfortably but not saying or doing anything. No one on the beach side noticed what was going on.

Eventually, I got up and went back to the boardwalk side. I found lounge area that was full of pillows and books, but they were all Christian books. In a corner, behind one of the pillows, I found a little note that said something to the effect of there being Atheists here as well, but it was small and hidden. It had someone's name, email, and phone number, but I didn't write down the information or take the note. I left another note that just had my name on it.


When I was walking back to wherever I was going, the towel that had apparently been on my hair started falling, so I took it off. A couple people started obviously noticing my bright orange hair, which I was okay with, but I was only wearing boy-short style underwear and a tank top so I was trying to cover my legs and rear and the towel kept getting smaller. Even though it was too small to wrap around me, it got tangled up in my legs and I tripped and fell with everyone watching and pointing. And then I woke up.

SO, I've been thinking about it and just wanted to write it all down. Do any of you ever have stuff like that happen? Or just bizarre dreams?

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