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I had the scariest experience of my life last night...

I was on a Megabus to DC and about 10 minutes from Union Station. We saw several police car's lights flashing ahead and thought there had been an accident. While we were stopped at a red light at 9th and H NE more cars showed up at once from all directions - at least 40, no exaggerating. Lights flashing, sirens wailing, and it becomes very clear that something very serious is going on. There are cops running down the street, past us and behind us. Then there are SWAT guys. Then I hear gunshots (which I've never heard in real life) and then they're all running with guns drawn.

I've never seen a person holding a gun ready to use it, not even for hunting or anything. Now there are at least 50 on all sides of this bus. I kept telling myself that I wasn't in real danger but still.

It turns out we were caught in the middle of this situation, which is extremely scary. This guy kidnapped his wife, shot a guard at the US Census who approached the car while they were arguing, and then was chased all over DC culminating in what I saw last night.


I don't know guys, I feel silly for being so shaken over this.

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