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I had to give a statement on my insurance claim

And I absolutely lost it.

To preface, my motorcycle insurance was just basic. I have been fully aware that my coverage wont cover anything. This accident wasn't my fault, I'm not getting bent out of shape about it. That is the policy I paid for.


I've recounted what happened over and over and over that past few days. Every new nurse will ask about it. My family has been asking about it. My friends have been asking about it. But i just snapped. Having to tell that story to the insurance agent was just too much. She was very nice about it an everything. She didn't know it was a hit and run so she asked about the other driver and I think that set me off.

They just drove off.

Who's going to pay for all of this? How am I going to pay for all of this? My mom says I shouldn't worry about it but these hospital bills are in my name and there's more to come. I can't go to work for who knows how long. The nurses couldn't give me answers when I asked about recovery and my follow up isn't until next week. I don't even know if or when they're changing my bandages.


Everyone keeps asking me questions and I think my conversation with my insurance company made me realize that I don't want to answer them any more. I don't want to answer my phone to more questions I don't have answers to. It hurts to think about this. Riding my Vespa was the most enjoyable part of my day. This person I'll probably never know who, took away the only fun part of my day and they just drove off.

I think I sat with my mom and cried for at least a half hour after the phone call. I know I'm going to get more calls from more people tomorrow and I just can't do this any more. I think I'll try and write them an email or something, maybe that might be easier.

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