Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I tried to have a serious talk with her about keeping her expenses under control. I explained that she does not qualify for the ACA so her medical comes out of my pocket if she can't afford to pay her bills. She recently had surgery and recovered quite quickly but the surgeon called to leave messages to call him back - twice. He would not explain; that makes me uncomfortable.

She just snuggles up around my neck and purred (that is an argument I have no resources to fight). So I upped her entertainment value to $10.00 per day. If I make it retroactive to January 1st, she gets pretty close to breaking even. We have been fighting an ear infection for since I got her. Since antibiotics and antifungals were not working, the surgeon went in to remove a clump of ear-wax and poke a hole in her ear-drum to drain whatever it was that was building up back there. He took a sample to culture and the stuff came back clean - nothing cultured therefore whatever was building up back there. He calls and asks me to call back but won't say why - crap, it is worrying. I work in a high-security area where I can't have an active cell phone and can't take personal calls. I will try to get to him tomorrow but I am worried.



Here she comes to purr in my ear.

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