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I Halloween'd Good, You Guys!

For the first time in fucking years, I have had a good Halloween with a good costume and stuff. (No pics because I don't have any non-doxxy ones and no full-body ones of the second costume.)

What's that, Kitten? Did you say SECOND costume? Did you actually plan and wear two different costumes for Halloween?

Why yes, mysterious stranger, I did. I got my hair cut short a few months ago, and my officemate got super excited because he has a drag character with the same haircut and an Ellen Degerenes wig that looks like his own hair, so back in May or so we decided to dress as each other for an office costume. Since we both basically wear the same thing anyway, we dressed as each other and it was super fun. I even taped down my boobs. Of course, we were out of duct tape so I used packing tape and I crackled all day, but what's Halloween without sound effects?


My office normally doesn't dress up much for Halloween, but this year we have some new people who got super into it. We had a full-on Cruella de Vil, we had a Hunter S. Thompson who actually shaved the top of his head, and our head of HR dressed up as a 50s prom queen.

THEN Mr. PKB had a house party to play, and we went at Janet Snakehole and Bert Macklin, FBI from Parks and Rec. I was super proud of those, because I threw them together the night before in about an hour for $9, which was mostly the long cigarette holder, and a fake pearl necklace that I chopped up into a necklace and bracelet. I also hit up the 99 cent store and got a kid's dress up skirt that I took apart and made into a fascinator, then wrapped the extra around an old film cannister for the pillbox hat. Mr. PKB already had the right kind of jacket, so I got a plastic yellow tablecloth, told him how to fuse the layers together for the right color and density, and then we just doublestick taped the letters on. It worked amazingly well—a lot of people thought it was a real-fake FBI jacket. We borrowed some aviators from sister, and there you go.

It's funny though—as we were putting it together, I started thinking about how grateful I am that we have this crafting skills, because making stuff was much more fun than buying it and it was a creative exercise for our brains, and I just...was grateful that we got those skills or the impulses to learn those skills from our parents. Our experiences growing up were pretty different, but our parents are all the kind of people who make before they buy, improvise solutions as they go, and are interested in learning how to do things instead of paying other people to do them. Part of that was circumstance (we both grew up on the poorer side) and part was just how they are as people.

Anway, we both ran home from work, costumed ourselves, ran to the party, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't drink too much, just enough to have fun, he played super well, I danced a little, and we were off home by 11. Because we're old.


How was everyone else's Halloween?

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