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I has a sad today, GT (I know Fuck it Friday passed, so maybe this is screw it saturday) /update on things

So, I’m a singer. I’m in a small vocal ensemble that was hired to sing back up for a well known, popular vocalist for two sold out concert dates. Said vocalist had to cancel the rest of their tour due to health issues so we missed out on getting to sing with them. I wasn’t expecting to feel so disappointed and let down but I really do, blah. Getting to sing on these two stages (where we were scheduled to perform) was going to fulfill a life long dream of mine. The second venue was a place I’ve attended concerts many many many times, and where I saw my first musical, which really was what inspired me to want to go into music/performing. So. Sigh. :/ Any rescheduling of these dates is TBA, but I sincerely hope we will still be backing the performer in question if they are able to. Shit happens, I guess.

In other news, I am struggling my ass off in this online biology class still, but I’m hoping that with extra credit I’ll still pull off a B or (more likely) C. I got a high B on the first test and a high D on the second :/ but I have three more tests before the semester is over, and there will be a few more extra credit opportunities, and I’m doing okayish on the daily work and lab assignments. The biggest pain in the ass of all of this is that the labs take 7-8 hours a piece NOT including the time it takes to do the written report. I’m struggling to find chunks of time that large to sit down and do it between working 30ish hours a week, 10 hours a week of rehearsal, two other classes, looking for an apartment in the new city I’m moving to, getting my transcript info together for my new university, etc etc.

Things with Boyfriend are still going well. We are continuing to take things slow on the emotional front, and between his graduate school workload and my insane schedule detailed above, and the fact that we live close to an hour away from each other, we have to work to create the time to hang out, but we are making it happen. Night before last he drove 45 minutes in torrential rain to come have dinner with me, and the week prior he went an hour out of his way on the way back from class to just spend two hours with me and grab a burger/cuddle on my couch. I find myself still having some anxiety because of where we have been and my own nerves/fear about relationships in general, but I have been seeing my therapist regularly and I have good friends who give me honest feedback when I get freaked out (it helps when almost all of your inner circle is comprised of social workers/counselors in training, lol.) Also, it’s still pretty early on. We got back together the last week of August so it’s been only about 7 weeks, but during that time we have seen each other at least once a week every week and we talk every other day in between. Last night I asked him how he thought things were going between us this time around and he said he thought that things were going well and that he wanted us to continue to let things grow steadily and naturally, but that he knew it was going to be difficult for us to see each other very much more than the amount we have been up to this point with all of our other responsibilities. Even though I affirm that that’s true and that’s what’s best for us right now, it still kind of sucks because I would love to be able to hang out more (which pretty much goes for all of my other relationships too, fuck this current schedule I have got.) Anyone here got tales of what it’s like to try a juggle a relationship along with Lots of Adulting?


So there’s my dispatch from my corner of the world. What’s new with you, GT?

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