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Hey y’all! I’m at a loss. I started dating someone two ish months ago and... lo and behold he has a drinking and partying problem. I broke up with him once already over him making out with someone at a house party, and he’s still going out... all of the time. We are both too old for that kind of lifestyle. I made it really clear it needed to stop, but his drinking is at a completely different level. You wouldn’t even know he’s drunk, until you get a text or he comes close to you. It’s honeslty creepy. So I have been on a little bit of a hermit streak these past two weeks and I keep getting drunk 2 am calls and texts. Oh... and because of the booze our sex life is trash. Shit ain’t gonna change. The kiss thing led him to beg for me back and he promised Change though I have pretty much been done since (especially now that he hasn’t changed).

I could leave him in person, but I don’t even see the point. I feel like it’s going to be him begging and me upset and I’m just so anxious. Also, I’ve had really shit relationships in my past so this stuff bugs me out.

I was going to just text out something like “we live different lifestyles, which I’ve said before, and I really wish you well but this is not a healthy relationship.” I feel like that is kind of shitty for a 30 year old, but this relationship is never going to work.


TLDR: Is a break up text bad when that person is a drunk that won’t change, even though the relationship has been 2-ish months?

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