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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Hate Being Home

I live in the city, where I go to school, but I am from an hour away in a rural area.

Long story, but I move to a new spot in my city every month for the summer, and I have to be home for a week while it gets set up. Not important.


I hate home. I can't do anything but be on the internet because I use my manual chair in the house. Even if I were in my powerchair, there's nowhere to go. I have no friends here except for LM and you know what he did so I'm still ignoring him.

I need to shower but my mom has a sore back so she can't always do it. Home always makes me feel like a burden, and that's why I am upset. Here I cannot reach the counters or fridge so I can't even fix up my own food. Then I annoy family because I need help.


I want to go back to the city where I can talk to my friends and look after myself.

Home makes me feel awful.

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