I’m cranky ‘cause I managed to back myself into a corner ‘cause I’m too nice to students. I just spent a couple of days I don’t have (‘cause I have to do my own student things) writing the grader for their extra credit ‘cause I’d promised they could have it before I calculated how long it’d take. And now, I have to give a kid an exam early ‘cause I told kid I would reschedule given documentation-I’ve since learned that school policy is that the middle exam needs to be rescheduled (this is a 3 in one day thing and mine is first).

Is it terribly wrong for me to send the kid an email saying “when I allowed the reschedule, I was unaware of school policy. Having become aware of school policy, I will not reschedule the exam and you have to ask your other professor to move it?” I’m so bent on rescheduling ‘cause it’s a computer exam given through blackboard where I allow students to see their submissions and like so much extra work to make this something that can’t be discussed with other students. :/

What are your “I should’ve said no?” tales of woe?

ETA: I will ask my advisor what I should do, so I will not actually make a decision without tenured faculty input.