Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Remember that birth control mandate? Where you get your birth control for free? Well, I've been using ortho tri cyclen lo for a long time (love it!) and I just thought I was still paying $50/month for it because:

1). Mandate hadn't gone into effect

2) Ortho tri cyclen lo wasn't generic

3) or it wasn't on some approved list

Money has been really tight, so I decided to call my insurance (in a previous post, I must state that I pay $1400/month with a $1000 deductible and 25% COinsurance because my company sucks) and find out which medication is covered for free.


Turns out? Mine was all along! But I needed this new thing they're doing, which is making most medications require "pre-authorization", or whatever the hell that means. So I've been paying like a chump all along, my insurance and pharmacy and doctor don't tell me otherwise, and I need pre-authorization for the privilege of getting my acne cream and my BC pills.

I hate hate hate Blue Shield and doctors that charge a billion dollars a visit and ERs that charge $3200 for walking into them and getting no service and companies that won't give you a decent salary.

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