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I hate bras: A rant

Bras are the worst, the absolute worst. First off, they don't sell my size in stores, so I have to order them online. Then the entire box of bras that are supposedly my size don't fit, none of them, even though I own a bra in that size that fits and one in the size down that gives me quad boob. THE ENTIRE BOX. NONE FIT. We're talking, like, five bras ONE OF THEM WAS SUPPOSED TO FIT.

And bras that "fit" are so tight on the ribcage and make me practically weep with relief when I take them off and bras that don't compress my ribs (HELLO BRA, I HAVE RIBS THERE, RESPECT THE RIBS PLEASE) have cups that float on my chest with no regard for where my boobs are actually located.

Here's the thing, my boobs stay up perfectly well on their own, even though my cup size is (supposedly) a DDD/E, they're totally not big, but SOCIETY has deemed the natural movement of my breasts and the existence of female nipples unseemly, so I have to strap on a torture device in order to go out in polite society. Seriously, fuck that shit. I just don't need the support that the bras that actually come in my size are designed to provide. And trying to find a soft cup bra that doesn't have underwire that actually comes in a proper size and not S, M, L and knows where my boobs are is like something out of a Greek epic poem: full of trials and tribulations and seemingly impossible. But sometimes I want to wear a thin shirt and I want a little shaping that a camisole can't provide, does misery have to come along with that? It seems like such a simple thing, a simple desire. The desire to wear a shirt.


I even went a band size up ("sister size") from the one that those /r/abrathatfits lunatics (luv u) say to get, because, what am I? A masochist? No. I am not. I am THISCLOSE to taking pictures of my boobs and posting them on reddit and, seriously people, I do not want to post pictures of my boobs on reddit. Like, no. Just no.

Phew. That felt good. I just needed to get that out. I know y'all are with me, let it all out with me. This is a safe space.

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