Two weeks ago we got a letter to get a new modem which we did right away. It worked for a few days then less and less until Friday not at all. We returned it to Comcast yesterday. Line to the door and what happened there were 3 clerks. One customer spent 20 minutes doing business AND talking about her kids, moving and then complained about the TW/Comcast deal as if the clerk could do something like call up the CEO and say "lets kill the deal with TW". Oh the LINE WENT TO THE DOOR. Finally, 30 minutes later we got a "new" modem, I suspect it was refurbished. We then after grocery shopping at 2 places, we went home. Did the modem work? Yes for 10 minutes, then it died, we called Comcast, on the line for 15 minutes then talked to a person and he had to synch our modem with their system. Now why wasn't the synching done at Comcast or at least in the letter tell us about this? Why?