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I haven’t been waiting for the Jez article on Aziz Ansari. I did find it odd at first that they didn’t say anything. But their pause should have been illuminating – they don’t want to hate Aziz. They just want to slut-shame Grace with the worst of them. I noticed Buzzfeed did this too. A supposedly progressive site is running with articles that cast Grace in a negative light, and Aziz as a victim. The dude who knew what he was doing by pressuring this woman into sex she clearly didn’t want is going to come out of this looking like the victim. Fuck sake. Again I have to say – when Spacey was doing this shit, everyone could see it for the predatory behavior that it was.

You know why the wine detailed mattered? Cause it shows from the beginning that he didn’t care about what she wanted. That’s it. That’s all it was. Maybe the writer could have done better, but fact is this retelling still resonated with a lot of women. Cause we’ve all been through it.

But now not just noted anti-feminists, but actual feminists are coming down hard on Grace. All their talking points diminishing this as a “bad date” or “revenge porn” or “white woman issue” are immediately getting sucked up and sprayed around by misogynists. Misogynists who are celebrating this as an end to the MeToo movement. And they’re happy that so many women are saying it too.


Look at Banfield – she’s positively delighted that she gets to hate on women. Why is that? Why do so-called feminist women get a little more eager and overzealous when the “bad” person is a woman? I do not agree that Aziz is a victim (seriously, fuck that), but Banfield thinks he is. Somehow Grace is a predator, or a slut, or a revenge-seeker, and Aziz is an innocent victim. Poor lil’ Aziz, who literally wrote a book on romantic relationships, just didn’t realize all her Nos and pulling back meant she didn’t want to have sex. BULLSHIT.

Edit: Just gonna say it - people like Banfield, and crap articles from “progressive” sites are the ones hurting women.

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