Seriously. I just got a collections notice for an appointment I had in July. They billed to my old, single-me insurance, which big surprise, was not effective at the time of service. I distinctly remember calling them in September about this when I got a notice saying my claim was denied for this reason. I spent the better part of an hour and a half on the phone with 4 separate people, trying to get it sorted out. (I should also mention that one of these people hung up on me after I also brought up the fact that my lab results showed up in my mailbox in an unsealed envelope. I inspected it, and there was zero evidence that it had ever been sealed at all or had been otherwise tampered with. I just pointed out that someone should look into that, because they could easily get sued)

Anyway, I thought this had all been sorted out, because after that all of my other appointments and specialists were billed correctly.

Grrrrr. Luckily I think it should be billed correctly now, but acornlover and I are trying to buy a house. Having a bill go to collections is not a good thing for someone wanting to get the best possible mortgage. Since this wasn't my fault, will it appear on our record or does something like this get expunged?