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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I hate everyone. I hate everyone so much.

Keep in mind that I am 20 and in college so this is not a "Kids These Days" post.

I had to work tonight, which isn't a huge deal because I wouldn't have had any plans anyway, but every single fucking customer who came in was annoying as fuck.First there was the douchebag who hit on me.


Him: So can I come see you sometime?

Me: Um.....here?

Him: No can I see you outside of work? You know what I mean?

Me: I have a boyfriend. I live with my boyfriend.

He looked really embarrassed the rest of the time, but I was still pissed. Then there were the regulars I hate because the one guy always seems smashed and the other one apparently wishes he grew up in the 60's because "the music was so good." Ok bro. Most of the other customers were only mildy annoying, but at the end of the night 4 super drunk people came in and were screaming pretty much the entire time and left a huge fucking mess at their table and threw their trash on the floor. It's not that hard to not make a mess. It's called being a fucking adult. Sometimes I wonder how these people are the same age as me. Sorry if this wasn't very coherent, I'm really tired and cranky and I have a migraine. Point is, I hate everyone.


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