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I Hate "Family"

My sisters wedding is coming up soon and I am so excited for her and her fiance. It's going to be a wonderful evening and the reception is going to be phenomenal! It's not one of those big huge deals with 200-400 people, it's much smaller. The money saved from fewer guests is going to great food and fantastic entertainment and decor. It's kind of a fancy deal.

You know what's not so fancy? Crappy ass relatives. And I'm not exaggerating, I'm talking about family members who dislike my sister (and father and I) so much that they have instituted a BAN on the wedding. Anyone who goes to the wedding is cut off from seeing my grandparents forever apparently. Even more fucked up? PEOPLE ARE GOING ALONG WITH THIS BULLSHIT.


A little back story: my aunt lives with and takes care of my grandparents. She lived with them until she graduated high school, then she joined the Navy. Once she left the Navy (4-6 years) she moved back in with my grandparents and she never left again. She hasn't had a boyfriend or any major relationships, including friendships. She worked for a long while with a good company making good pay until a couple of years ago when she just quit because she was tired of her job. No other job was lined up, so her and my grandparents lived off of all of her 401K money (I KNOW!) until she had to go out and get another job, because my grandparents only get a very little bit of social security. She chose a job at Walmart because she refused to go work in "customer service" again (I KNOW! Walmart is the worst customer service job ever, but she refused to listen). Well, eventually she got a health issue (due to not going to a gynecologist in 30 years) and took off of work. She had a hysterectomy and took more time off to recover. She was "recovering" for 2 months, and then quit her job (we all think she really got fired). That meant that my grandparents were going to end up homeless because they have only ever rented their home. So while all of my Dad's siblings suddenly vanished and talked about how they couldn't possibly take in all 3 people, my Dad stepped up and OK'ed their move in. He said no dogs. She brought her dogs. He said dogs only live outside. Dogs went outside twice a day for 5 minutes total. She also wanted to buy "more internet". We had no fucking clue what that meant so we asked her to explain and she said she wanted "her own internet" meaning she wanted a separate provider. My dad said that was flipping bonkers and said no. She said she needed it to "keep her email address". We told her that was a bat shit excuse and made no sense. We also found out that she never notified her landlord that she moved out and since they only have a verbal contract (I KNOW) that was a potential fucked up situation (he could say he never knew she moved out and charge her and then sue, etc). Then there was the whole issue of manipulation. My sister and I went over and cleaned my dad's house top to bottom while my aunt took my grandparents to Dr's visits. When my aunt got back she started pulling out this chest of silverware. We told her "Hey, why are you pulling out all this stuff? We just cleaned, just grab some from the drawer." She then said "we're gonna use these forks." So my sister and I were like, "But thats so dumb, you're pulling all this stuff out and making a mess just so you can get to forks when there is a drawer full of forks right here." So then she screamed out (literally, because she wanted my grandmother to hear) "You're calling Gramma stupid?!".

No bitch, I called you stupid. Gramma has Alzheimers and wouldn't notice that the forks weren't from that stupid chest, but she sure as shit thinks that me and my sister just called her stupid. So then my grandmother got all upset just so that my Aunt could "win" and shut us up.

We had a talk with her and told her that she had 6 months to start training her dogs (because they were not trained, despite one of them being 5 years old. In just a couple weeks my dads carpet was ruined). We had to see improvement of her training the dogs and taking the time to reinforce the training continuously on a daily basis. If she wasn't up for it (note that we didn't say, make your dogs 100% potty trained in 6 months, just fucking try to train your dogs!) then after 6 months the dogs would have to go. We told her no internet because it was dumb and the money she wanted for it was going to be coming from my grandfathers social security checks. We told her she had to notify her landlord that she had moved out and get verifcation, and all documents notarized. We told her that two relatives, her sister and her sisters daughter, could not come over unless it was a holiday and they had asked my dad's permission. This was because those relatives threatened me and my sister with physical violence on numerous occasions. Oh, and did I mention she threw out their beds? So when they moved in, only my grandmother had a mattress and that's only because it was a hospital bed that she needed. She THREW OUT my grandfathers mattress and her own! So instead of thinking "Hey, I should buy my 82 yr old father a new mattress!" she was wanting to buy additional internet!

Anyway, apparently after the discussion (which went ok despite her getting heated a few times) she decided to just up and move out. By the end of the week she and my grandparents had moved out and into an apartment. She wasn't speaking to us anymore. That's fine, bitch is crazy. I was actually really happy because she was stressing my dad out so bad that his blood pressure went from being A-OK to being horrifically bad. He was about to go to the Dr to get medication for it.


But then she banned my dad from seeing my grandparents. Then she decided that wasn't enough and placed a ban on my sisters wedding until she "apologizes" (HAHAHA!). So if anyone who shares our last name attends her wedding, they will be forbidden from seeing my grandparents. And they are all fucking going along with it. Well, scratch that. You know who isn't? DIVORCED relatives who aren't related by blood, and married relatives of spouses who refuse to go. My cousins are all going. It is just my dad's siblings who are being fucking dickwads. How hard is it to say "Umm, no. FUCK you, I'll see my parents when I damn well please, especially since you can't fucking pay for anything for them!"

Now my sister is super fucking upset because my dad found out and accidentally told her. It's her wedding day. And my aunt is acting like a 13 year old bratty little girl. "Oh, I can't get my way? I'll manipulate the situation and freeze you out until you do what I want."
And then my dumb ass uncles are perfectly ok with it even though they have absolutely no respect for her as a human being.


Whatever. It's their fucking loss. This wedding is going to be amazing! And it's really refreshing to see how many people care about my sister, regardless of family ties or not. I mean, the majority of "relatives" coming are not related to us by blood or marriage (anymore). Only one spouse of one of my uncles is coming because she doesn't care what my aunt thinks at all. It just proves that blood is not thicker than water. This, combined with my mothers horrible side has just convinced me that "family" is meaningless. You make your own. If you happen to like a few people who are related to you, then great. They can stay in your family, if not then who fucking cares? I would give my kidneys and liver portions to my friends 1,000x over if I could, but I would laugh in the face of some of my relatives after this.

I'm sorry this was so long. I just had to rant. This crap is driving me insane.

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