My car got broken into and I'm not up for dealing with this bullshit.

I took the kids to the park this morning and saw when we were leaving that my window had been broken and pretty much everything but the toddler car seat was gone. Including the diaper bag that I had tossed my wallet and phone into.

This, our second car that I was so excited to get after a year and a half of being a one car family in a sprawling city.

This car that we've had for two weeks.

Replacing my drivers license, which I need to get a new bank card, and getting a new bank card so I can pay the fee to get a new license.


Being home alone with my kids at night with no phone.

Not being able to do a damn thing to expedite any of it or make it easier.

I just needed to vent this and scream into a pillow. Thanks for being a place I can share.