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I hate fundraising events: How to do something tacky while trying to minimize the tackiness?

TW: inane, privileged, money

I've been forced into a fundraising event for a study abroad trip. I hate fundraising with the passion of a gajillion burning suns, but at this point my participation is unavoidable.

Basically I think it's pretty tacky for adults to be asking other adults for money for something that benefits only themselves, and on top of that I cringe even more at the thought of putting out collection jars (WE ARE NOT FUCKING OLIVER TWIST). Any way I've been tasked with making some sort of write-up for these jars (stupid me, why do I volunteer to help with things that I know will make me crazy). Any suggestions on how to not sound like the greedy scammers that I feel like we are?


If I wrote what I actually thought about it it would read something like this, which is apparently not what I'm supposed to be saying:

"Please give your money to already privileged university students who are taking a class for largely recreational reasons (but actually I think your money could be put to better use, because we are all grownups and should be able to pay for our own extracurriculars)."

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