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Welcome To The Bitchery

For being the juvenile defense attorney. The "adult" attorneys think my job is b.s. I work hard, I have had to figure out how to even be a juvie attorney on my own (I received no training for dealing with teenagers or juvenile court procedure. FYI, some of my clients are as young as 12 and have no idea what the hell is going on in meetings or court.) and my colleagues think it's a total joke and have an absolute conniption if I ask them to cover one thing.

Today I was sick and, admittedly, I did not clarify that I wouldn't be in for an afternoon hearing, I just said what it was, assuming the staff would fill in the blank that I needed it to to be covered. I haven't asked the other attorneys to cover anything in a while but if I texted them it would be "ARE YOU NEAR DEATH? NO? THEN COME IN RIGHT NOW I HAVE A JOB TO DO." No, but I did do two trials and ten arraignments in the past two days with a howling headache and vertigo, so sue me, I went to the doctor, sent texts to work that didn't spell things out clearly and went to bed. Woke up to "WHERE ARE YOU? EVERYONE HAS STUFF TO DO ETC." I know guys! I have a job too! It's hard too! It's thankless too!


I mean, I totally understand after rereading the texts that I wasn't clear, but the larger issue is that I have to feel double bad about taking time off because the other attorneys don't respect my job, my boss especially (he's been explicit about it and I've had to fight him to get my workload reduced - so did my predecessor). I will never prove my worth in this office and leaving is the only option but there's nothing open right now.

The poor kids in this county - the boss doesn't give a shit about them and drives away juvenile attorneys like crazy. I am actually pretty good at my job and like the work itself, but that can only go so far.

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