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I don't have to have a pap smear today, but I am still dreading with every inch of being my 2 o'clock appointment. Why didn't I schedule it for earlier to get it over with? I don't know.

I switched doctors and and I still don't like this doctor. My last doctor would give me bibles with my birth control prescription and said how much I look like my mother while she was giving me a pap smear (she's also my mom's doctor). Nope nope nope. This doctor doesn't give me bibles, but while she was doing my pap smear she was checking out my giant stomach tattoo and commented "You're not planning to have kids are you?" Hate hate hate rage rage rage.


I'm also nervous because I'm going in to hopefully get a new pill because this one just ain't working. My nipples are pretty much raw from itching them, my boobs feel like lead weights, I'm always bloated, and I'm also pretty much a crazy person who can be found crying in bathtubs fully clothed (this really happened). I'm afraid of trying a new pill because what if I have side effects? What if they're worse side effects? I don't want another three months of this (yeah, she told me to wait to see if the side effects persisted).

I would honestly rather go to the dentist.

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