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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Hate Grief

I love charm lockets (think Origami Owl - except that I get my charms on Etsy for a fuckton less). I’m not a big jewelry wearer but I love wearing items that are symbolic or meaningful somehow. For example, I have a linked double ring I always wear that has both the Little Dalek’s birthdates stamped on the rings. So ever since Samhain* I’ve been wearing my bracelet locket with charms to memorialize my mom, a dolphin (she loved dolphins), a “mom” charm, a heart that said “never forgotten” (near the end she had a lot of grief and fear that her grandchildren would forget her), a black broken heart, and some black rhinestones.

At some point today the goddamn thing must have popped open (NEVER using a magnetic locket ever again) and now they’re all gone. And it just, I mean, I’ve lost charms before when a necklace broke and I wasn’t happy about it. But because of WHAT these charms represented I just can’t cope with having lost them. I’m under too much fucking stress even aside from my mom dying but this is just, one thing too many. And now I can’t stop crying.


*I’m what you might define as an atheopagan.

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