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So last week when we met with our realtor, my husband surprised me and wimped out and didn't fire them, but sort of encouraged them to present their plan going forward. I wasn't happy, but I didn't speak up one way or the other, because unless I'm really furious, I try not to make him look stupid in front of strangers.

I wasn't impressed with their plan. They were trying to tell us to sell for substantially less than the other realtors we met with told us they thought we could get, and I don't think those other realtors were puffing. I just think these guys want to make a quick sale and get their commission.

Then later in the week, they brought a realtor in to view the house, supposedly because she was interested in buying. She came back with a really low offer, which they forwarded to us, with a long explanation from her why she was offering so little. It smelled to high heaven like they had recruited her to try to convince us to lower the price. There was a bunch of BS about how our house would be a "gut job" (No way!) and would cost $400 grand to fix up - coughbullshitcough. I just felt like we were being manipulated.


So I told my husband that I really wanted to fire them and start new. Take a few weeks and really clean the place up and make it show well, which we had not done because before now, we were only showing to developers and we were told that staging wasn't necessary. But now we want to attack the non-developer market and for that, we have to make this place shine. We have to throw out a ton of trash and put a ton of stuff in storage, and have the place professionally cleaned from top to bottom.

I was going to send them an email with our decision to fire them, but they called today and I got the call. So I told them. And I said I didn't want to get into a long discussion and debate about it, that we'd put a lot of thought into our decision and our minds were made up. I may as well have been talking to my dogs. One of the things I didn't like about this broker is that I always felt like he was bullshitting and smoothtalking me, trying to sell me when I was the seller. Well, he kept me on the phone for nearly half an hour arguing over how DEDICATED he was to getting us the BEST possible price and how he doesn't know HOW I got the idea that he didn't think we could get the price we want and they've put so much EFFORT into our house and blah, blah, blah...and the more he yammered the more annoyed I was getting. He was doing exactly what I asked him not to do, and his manner was exactly the manner that has been bothering me through this whole relationship - slick, doubletalk, hard-sell, slippery. I DON'T want to keep working with him. Yes, he has one point: he hasn't had a chance to try to sell the house when it's been in cleaned-up, staged condition. Because he told us we didn't need to do that. But I HATE HARD SELLS. THEY PISS ME OFF. DON'T TELL ME I DIDN'T HEAR WHAT YOU SAID BEFORE. I HEAR PERFECTLY WELL. Dude, I may not be a real estate expert, but I would bet I am smarter than you are, and I hate to be treated like I am a gullible fool. I needed to get off the fucking phone with you so I told you I would think it over but your ass is canned in a couple of days. It probably would have been no matter what you did, but you clinched it with your attitude. I show most hard-sellers the door, and I don't see a reason you should be an exception. It's been real, but it ain't been nice.

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