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I hate hating cops

Because I don't want to derail from the mainpage post topic which is much more important than my feels and posting diminishes the topic and looks like making excuses for a rapist.

Mr is a cop and I'm trying hard not to take the comments too personally but I was also a RA for a longitudinal study on Chicago's police recruiting and training. It is really hard because I understand the distrust, fear, and hatred of cops ESPECIALLY in Chicago where torture was used within the past twenty years to coerce false confessions from teens.


Being a cop attracts persons who want power. It also attracts persons who want a job or people who want to make a difference. A lot of people who would make excellent cops don't become cops because of the pay or because it is dangerous OR because everyone hates cops. The recruiting and hiring attempt to filter out the bad with psychological and background tests but I think it has more to do with PTSD and the culture of indoctrination that occurs once they hit the street. This is exacerbated by the fact we don't talk about cops having PTSD and when cops do something this terrible, they system itself protects them. Not to mention lawsuits against cities for attempting to block bad candidates from employment. There is currently a class action lawsuit being pushed in Chicago to put through persons who failed the psychological portion of the hiring. There was also a push to eliminate the background check as part of the hiring.

I don't like using the argument that every profession has bad eggs because there should be only the highest expectation of behavior in a profession with so much power and responsibility. I'm just sad that a lot of people are like "Well yeah cops are violent sexist assholes. Of course they are rapists." It just makes me sad because I know Mr and a lot of persons out there work very hard to try to change that idea about what a cop is.

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