The current Prince of Persia sale on Steam reminded me of the gorgeous 2008 PoP game. A beautiful game with loveable characters and an interesting story... WHICH ENDS ON A FREAKING CLIFFHANGER!!!

It was supposed to be the first game in a trilogy. But since it sold much, much less than Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft scrapped the sequels and left the series unfinished. Now I'll never know if the Prince and Elika make up! MY OTP! D:

(I'm a tad embarassed to admit that this is one of the reasons I never really warmed up to the AC series. If AC hadn't become so successful, Ubisoft would have kept making PoP games).

Yeah, PoP 2008 had flaws. It was wayyyyyy too easy, for one. And no, I'm not talking just about the "you can't die" system, but also about the fact that they all but lead you by the hand while you are supposed to be exploring. Huge scratches across the walls, really? Why not put a giant neon sign while they were at it?

But it was just the first game in the trilogy, and it has so much potential! The art direction was to die for. A sequel could have fixed the flaws and kept the merits.



Tl;dr: I really, really, REALLY hate it when they plan a series, and have the first episode end on a cliffhanger. You started the story, now you have to finish it!

What about you guys? Was there any book/game/movie/whatever that you loved and ended on a cliffhanger because it was supposed to get a sequel, but never did?