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I hate it when ManBerry is sad I can't do anything to fix it

ManBerry is divorced with two kids and due to distance and other things (but not lack of desire on his part), he hasn't seen his kids since March. He is having a really hard time dealing with Christmas without them. I hate it because he is sad and there is nothing I can do to fix it!

I feel awful, because I am heading up to my parents' tonight and will be there until Thursday. He claims it's okay, because it's helping him ignore the holiday, but I still feel like I'm abandoning him.

It doesn't help that he works with at-risk youth (one of the reasons I love him!), and their parents are picking them up today for home visits. So, not only does he not get to see his kids, but he is spending all morning watching kids and parents get reunited after 4 months of only mail contact and 10 minute phone calls once a week.


One of his friends claims one of the smartest things ManBerry did was ask me out, because I'm a little ray of sunshine in his life, but this cloud isn't one I can banish. I've done my best by doing silly things, like completely covering his door in paper snowflakes when he was out of town last week, but I know it isn't enough to make him be less sad.

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