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Well, that's a lie. Usually I love them and am very confident about them.

Today I had my interview to teach at a school that I wasn't even sure I wanted to teach at. I figured I would go in with an open mind and see what it was all about.

Holy crap, they hated me. They weren't even subtle about it. They challenged every single answer I gave, and flat out told me I was wrong on some of my answers. Things that are just different teaching styles, not right or wrong answers. I got the stank eye from one of the interviewers a few times, and I'm still not sure why. Two of the three interviewers had a hostile vibe and tone with me throughout the whole interview, from the second I walked in the door. Plus, they brought up my physical appearance.


Look, I know I look young. And I know I'm small. But I have never had an interviewer bring that up with me, and challenge me on my ability to teach based on my appearance. It felt so degrading to have to defend myself based on how I look. And I didn't have a good answer ready, because no one has ever had the nerve to ask me about it in an interview. I wound up bullshitting some answer that I'm sure sounded like nonsense, because I felt like I couldn't say, "Excuse me, but I am an awesome teacher. I earn respect from my students. I do not walk into the classroom expecting respect to be handed to me for looking intimidating. So how about you show me some respect, because you are still searching for a teacher a month and a half into the school year, and I'm beginning to see why."

Anyway. I felt like crap when I left the interview, which has never happened to me before. So I guess I still don't have a teaching job.

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