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The past few days I’ve felt absolutely terrible. My stomach has felt like it’s burning from the inside out, I’ve been puking, and trying to move is terrible. I went home from work early yesterday because it was absolutely unbearable.

As many of you know, I’m pregnant. So naturally feeling this way is pretty concerning. I realized it could just be a stomach bug, but having read all the fear mongering pregnancy books, I decided to call my doctor to check in and make sure everything was okay when I woke up this morning still feeling like dirty asshole.

The office is closed on weekends of course, but they do have a helpline you can call and speak to the on call physician. That actually happened to be my doctor today.


I explained the situation and my concerns. She asked how many weeks along I was and then decided to explain morning sickness to me (thanks, I’ve had it, we’ve talked about it, and this isn’t what morning sickness feels like). After going back and forth over what constitutes morning sickness, she said that I must just have little stomach bug and to stick to clear liquids and call back on Monday if I still had a problem. I wish I could convey how condescending she was via text, but I can’t. She treated me like I was stupid for not knowing it was just a simple stomach bug. I’m sorry that I interrupted your busy day because I was concerned with stomach pain and puking and probable dehydration.

Sorry, I just needed to vent. I have never had a gynecologist I liked. They all seem to be cold judgemental automatons (sorry if you’re a ob-gyn).

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