Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last weekend was my birthday. I invited friends to meet out at our regular bar. My close friends were there, my work friends, my cousin and her hubby (we hang out), etc. a few people brought gifts, neither expected or wanted, (it feels weird). I received a bottle of gin, a bottle of champagne, and cat stuff. This was my 35th bday and I'm the only single, obese, mess of the lot of us.

I feel like I've been overthinking this. It's like my friends don't know me or don't care. They all know I quit drinking a few months ago and my biggest fear is my cats eating my corpse after I die and no one notices for weeks.


I should just be grateful and/or accept that I'm a cat lady that drinks alone with her cats... I'm a bitch...

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