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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I hate my landlord.

Ugh. I like the landlord's wife and daughter, but the husband is a dick. Actual quote I heard today while he was screaming at his family:

"What about the fucking females that throw themselves at our soldiers before they go to war? Who is the sexual predator now?"


Then a few minutes later: "A majority of the time it's not even real rape."

I don't know what they were screaming about (they watch a lot of Fox News which causes him to yell at his family about stuff), but I was so mad I slammed my front door shut. Then it got hot in my apartment and I had to open it again.


I hate that he is an ass, but what I hate even more is that he has a daughter and two sons who is is raising to be just as shitty as he is. The daughter, who is 19, told me once that he told her women (meaning virgin women) were "like cars, as soon as you drive them off the lot the first time, they lose half their value."

She's now dating this misogynistic douchebag who treats her like crap. Gee, I wonder why.


She does confide in me, though, and I think I've done as well as I can to try and let her see that her father has outdated views on women/femininity/politics.


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